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Implementing the use of technology
by shane420
There have been made improvements to the site!
or whatever the grammatically correct version of that is.
 It's still going.
Portland Origins Story!
by shane420
Guy doodles whilst on the phone (in the 90’s)!
Portland ORIGINS story-!

Just like any other story worth telling, this one begins with some kind of guy....*aghem!

"Some guy somewhere (possibly in the original state?) was talking on the telephone, and doodling on the Yellow Pages, ya’ know, like ya do, BUM BUM BUM... and he drew a picture of a guy. He drew foughRth a stick-person-Nay!-...a Stick-Man!
But then the guy ,, well... he just kind of ...kept doodling...adding lines and 
ideas to the stick-man...
...more ironic...more juxtapositional reciprocity...and, and more...until the average stick person evolved//—into a ...uhhh guy with more straight lines and curved lines,, than the average stick person stick man ..guy.
together with his cat “Nibblers” from the relative comfort of “the Studio Appartment” © . waging an unending battle against evil, copyright infringement and political subservience...

....BUT CAN HE FIGURE IT OUT?????!!!!! ??!"

© 2018 - 2020 Shane White All rights reserved
Soul is like magic...
by shane420
T-Man has traveled time (to the early 1990’s) just for quality television and 

an an abundance of other things and nouns and adventures await!

...but, for how long?  What?

for how long do we have to wait do ya think? ....mister?? ?

are you the voice in my head?? The one that makes me write funny things???


by shane420

It’s just so good to know that someone is reading 

my work. Blessed is I ! Yes I is. 

Another installment
by shane420

So it’s great to finally be able to operate my webcomic again!!!!! Gremlins and hyginx?!!!